“Awesome people to hang out, awesome coach and training. And has a great facility, very clean and organized.” – Luan S.

“For us, it’s a family affair! Our entire family attends and love the environment, the professionalism of the professors, the cleanliness of the gym and enthusiasm of the students, both kids and adults. We will work very hard, but we will smile the entire time.” – Allie T.

“I’ve been a martial artist for many years now. I was excited to find that a Rilion Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school was opening close to my neighborhood. From the first class meeting Mario and Pedro, who are kind and attentive, and training with instructors Spencer and Clay, it was easy for me to feel right at home. Everyone from the staff to the students are friendly and helpful. There is no hidden agenda among the owners, instructors and my fellow students; we all want to challenge and encourage each other to become the best we can be. Even my daughter is now training and she loves it! I am so glad we get to be a part of this program!” – Todd M.

“My kids, age 8 and 10 have been taking classes for 2 weeks and love it. Today they were paired up and I was amazed at how respectful and sweet they were to each other. Professor Spencer, Professor Mario, Pedro and Clay are awesome with the kids! Love it so much I signed myself up!” – Janine H.

“My 7yo son absolutely loves it – he is ready to GO on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons! It’s has really helped harness his energy and teaches him respect and certainly rules. He has learned mostly defensive moves and no real aggression, which was my primary concern. Honestly it has been a wonderful experience, the trainers are very nice and friendly to parents, and seem to be genuinely invested in their art. The facilities include a changing room in case someone needs to change into their Gi/outfit. There’s benches lined against the wall for parents to watch or some folks stay closer to the sitting area in the front to finish up work or other needs. It’s been great to see the transformation as my son gets more and more into this extracurricular activity!” – Tiffan W.